A single yearly post is becoming tradition, one that I'm not too fond of TBH. Much prefer to build the tools then to write about them I suppose. :)

Part of starting to blog again is to reacquaint myself with the code base that runs this site. The site itself is hosted within a Microsoft Azure App Service and the source code hosted in a private github repo.

Each commit to the branch triggers a webhook that Azure is listening on that pulls in the latest code. Easy mode!

Visual Studio code is my current editor of choice, the seamless integration with GitHub and it allowing me to run on my Mac or Windows PC makes it an easy choice.

I’ve started tweaking some aspects of this weblog, starting with a refresh of the logo. The current design (which is been with me for several years now) looks dated, low quality, and a bit uninspiring. I’m a developer first! You can see transition of the old to new logo in the image below:

kilic.net logo - previous


The new logo has dropped the border around the icon, introduced a modified colour palette, and also introduced a transparency gradient originating from the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner.

As any web developer would know, you just don’t have a single icon these days. With such vast array of platforms these days they have their own way of displaying “favourite” icons. As of now, I’ve specified a good old Web 1.0 favicon.ico, an iPhone icon (using the apple-touch-icon meta tag) and also for the Windows 8.1 devices, a whole range of logo sizes to suite the Live Tiles format. The Windows 8.1 icons are specified in my browserconfig.xml file that’s referenced via an msapplication-config meta tag on this page.