I’ve started tweaking some aspects of this weblog, starting with a refresh of the logo. The current design (which is been with me for several years now) looks dated, low quality, and a bit uninspiring. I’m a developer first! You can see transition of the old to new logo in the image below:

kilic.net logo - previous


The new logo has dropped the border around the icon, introduced a modified colour palette, and also introduced a transparency gradient originating from the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner.

As any web developer would know, you just don’t have a single icon these days. With such vast array of platforms these days they have their own way of displaying “favourite” icons. As of now, I’ve specified a good old Web 1.0 favicon.ico, an iPhone icon (using the apple-touch-icon meta tag) and also for the Windows 8.1 devices, a whole range of logo sizes to suite the Live Tiles format. The Windows 8.1 icons are specified in my browserconfig.xml file that’s referenced via an msapplication-config meta tag on this page.

November 30 for most web standard-istas represents Blue Beanie Day, a showing of support to web standards. In recognition of this day my Twitter profile photo has been updated to show my support. Standards FTW!

A week or so ago my phone started buzzing with notifications from Twitter. I had a whole bunch of new followers (almost all from Turkey) and a tweet that was favourited quite a few times. I didn’t realise till I saw a tweet this evening as to why:

Translating to English it basically reads that that my tweet was the first mention of Galatasaray on Twitter. Nice!

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The previous version of Scripting News toyed with the idea of having title-less feeds, but resulted in a view like below in NextGen Reader.

Scripting News - No Titles

Recently however, Dave updated his software (i.e. his weblog) and along with it titles came back into play. You can see this in the first post in the screenshot below, makes quite a difference doesn’t it? Fact is that most feed readers area geared to work with a title accompanying the post albeit such a requirement isn’t mandated by the spec.

Scripting News - With Titles

Whilst RSS without titles are a great idea if you post multiple updates per day, but with the lack of tooling to support it, it leaves the user experience for the readers in a less enviable position. Then again, is it much different to how Twitter works? What if we were allowed to import our OPML lists into Twitter and have items come through as they were posted?