It goes without saying that I really haven't been keeping this site updated as frequently as I would have hoped to but here's some tidbits on what's new around here.

For the last six years I've been hosting this site and others with Media Temple (mt) and after hearing that they've been acquired by GoDaddy I decided that it's time to move my site. I had previously migrated domains over to Hover (I use NetRegistry for .au domains) from GoDaddy. See a theme here?

The website move is slightly more involved as I was also using Media Temple to host my DNS records. I ended up moving my DNS to Amazon Route 53, whilst not free, it has some great tools and it really isn't that expensive - unless this domain gets a ridiculous amount of DNS queries.

By day I'm a .NET developer but I've actually never hosted my own sites on .NET, this had to change! After visiting TechEd this year I decided to learn more about Windows Azure. The blogs of Scott Hanselman and Scott Guthrie were great to get up to speed on the how and what things need to be done. That said, if you use Visual Studio it's surprisingly easy to publish a site straight from the IDE - things get even easier if you're using Visual Studio 2013!

A few hoops later I had migrated my sites and emails over to Azure - actually, I'm using a hosted Exchange service for my emails that's linked to my Azure Active Directory. Of course this all meant that I had to swap out blog engines but I'll save that for a future post.