Splinter Cell Rocks!

Picked up Splinter Cell last night from Grace Bros where it is currently on special for AUD$79 (about US$40) which is about a 20% discount off the RRP.

I'm not much of a gamer, I'll probably get the xbox out a couple of times a week (if that) for an hour or two, so the few games that I had were quite enough. On the PC I spent some good hours playing Ghost Recon which was also by Tom Clancy so I had high hopes that Splinter Cell would be just right for me. After a couple of hours today I was hooked!

One thing that would have made a great game even better would be for it to auto-save the checkpoints (as in Halo), it's a wee bit annoying getting prompted to save once you hit a new checkpoint. Imagine if you were in Word and prompts (or, shudder, the Paperclip) started appearing asking you if wanted to save? No thanks.

I did say one thing, but another minor point, where on earth do you pick up new ammo (around the morgue)? Security alarms are ringing and I don't have a single bullet!