New phone

My phone contract had recently expired and that meant only one thing: phone shopping time! While my friend was looking at replacing his phone late last year we came across the Nokia 6610 which we both thought looked cool and also had a decent set of features.

The most important feature of all for me was that the phone had to integrate with Outlook for at least the contacts. Email, Calendar, and Tasks would be nice, but not critical. The 6610 has all of these minus the email client, which I guess I can live without (although all is not lost here as well, as I can use the "external mail" feature from the WAP based website to get my emails). It also supports Java (J2ME) but I've had a tough time finding the SDK at Nokia's developer site.

So I'm with Vodafone for another 12 months now, and I'm sure that the the phone will do me good, until off course July which is when my wifes' contract ends ;-)