Redesign in the air

As visitors to the site will notice there's a new design up. I'm so critical of the work that I do that before my site goes live I'll go through a dozen designs, finally selecting one that I'd think is "well, ahh, ok".

As are most sites, this one is a WIP. There's a few things I've yet to add especially to the right hand site and to the footer but I've yet to figure out some CSS on how to go about it.

Another item on the todo list for the website is a photo album. The current album was only meant as a temporary solution but has overstayed it's welcome. I had my eyes set on the popular Gallery app for which I've tinkered with over here. But unfortunately the server doesn't meet the software requirements. I guess I could keep the album over at my other site but it would be more appropriate here. Decisions. Decisions.