A plug for my hosting provider

Its been 2 years and 2 months since I chose Crystaltech for the hosting of my domain. The technical support that I get from these guys is just amazing. Being in Australia I'm quite a few timezones away and usually if I have a request it is the guy doing the graveyard shift who answers, and answers in around 15mins!

Recently I received an email outlining changes to the plans and prices. In this day and age where it is common to see products and services increase in price for little advantage (if any), for which marketeers cite "rising costs", "the economy", etcetera, yet each and every year posting larger and larger profits (are you listening Telstra?), Crystaltech has actually decreased their pricing and have thrown in extras for every one of their hosting plans!

So this post is a little thank you and hope that your business continues to prosper.