Fun with the 3650

I'm thoroughly enjoying my time with my new 3650 it has most things that I'm after in a PDA/Mobile. If you're after a browser stay away from the one by Opera, not only do they give you a measly 5 day trial period most of the time the app won't even start (it seems that the 120Mb space left on the MMC just isn't enough).

The photo in the previous entry was taken with the 3650 with the image quality set to "high". I also purchased a Bluetooth adapter (10m range) so in the off chance that Opera did work I was able to surf the web from my sofa, a nice little luxury :)

The phone having J2ME and all there's quite a few apps out there, and this model seems to be quite popular in Europe and the States so I'm sure more and more apps will be on the way. Right now I have installed IR Remote, AvantGo, Metris (a Tetris clone), and Pix0mat. As you can guess there's nothing real ground-shattering installed but I'm still on the lookout for such beasts and seeing that I don't have GPRS set up as yet I'm limited to just installing Inet based apps.