Early last week I lost my dear auntie, Leyla Tosun, who left us at a very young age. Friends, colleagues and family have been very supportive and I thank each and every one of them for their help.

Life seems to be going on, its approaching 11pm and I'm giving a DTS package a run for its money by importing 5.5 million rows. It took about 5 minutes to read the data in, and now I believe its either inserting the rows or adding the identity.. Current memory usage of sqlservr.exe is hovering at the 31MB mark while the CPU column (in Task Manager) fluctuates between 3-10.. taking up quite a bit of the cycles!

I've obviously been away from the Internet for a while, but whats sparking my interest right now is weblogs yet again. The work that's happening on ATOM (I think that's what its now called) looks promising. I'm also tossing up the idea of rewriting (not redesigning) my weblog so its spec compliant, that would mean quite a bit of time would be invested in CSS, XHTML, etcetera.. Time is something that I don't have much of right now, but if its important to me I guess I'll make the time.