MPX200 Woes

A word of warning regarding the MPX (200 - not sure about the upcoming 220). There's a flimsy little plastic nook that holds the SIM card in place - this piece has broken on me twice (and I've only ever taken the SIM out only a couple of times) - and without that piece of plastic the SIM card is not held in place hence you get the "Please insert SIM card" message.

Optus (who I purchased the phone through) wrote back telling me the next time that the phone comes back for repairs I'll be charged $99 - which is hard to swallow for what is obviously a manufacturing oversight. Their response is also in stark contrast with what the customer service representative told me, that every time it breaks I need to send it back and that they will cover the service under a warranty period of three months.

I'm not sure if anyone else has had similar problems, but here's a heads up to anyone thinking of buying this phone.