Nokia 6670

At the Kilic household we've had one of our mobile phone contracts expire a couple of months ago and as a result I've been keeping an eye out on which phone to get next.

A few items on the checklist were: GPRS, Bluetooth, Camera, fairly pocket size, some form of expansion card, and robustness (see previous entry regarding my MPX-200).

I decided upon the Nokia 6670 and even though I'm only a couple of days into it I believe I’ve made the right choice. It's a lot like my older 3650 but with a few more bells and couple more whistles.

One negative aspect of the phone is that they've done away with the full-sized MMC and have gone for the smaller sized RS-MMC. I've given up on trying to standardise on a portable storage card. I now have an SD, MMC, RS-MMC, and Sony MemoryStick - all in various quantities and sizes – what was wrong with SD-IO?

Apart from the storage card everything else seems to be pretty good. The camera boasts 1 mega pixel; the display is amazingly clear; the keypad is actually quite usable; and the style of the phone itself is nothing to be ashamed of. So far battery life has been good, but its early days yet.