Sydney needs to be a 24 hour city

So, I have my cousin visiting us from Turkey for the next few weeks and we're doing the tourist thing going to all the lovely sightseeing places Sydney has to offer. No problems during the day, plenty to see and do. Come night, it's a whole different story.

One of my gripes with Sydney is that the CBD practically comes to a stand still weeknights after 6pm. We decided at around 8:30pm tonight to go out to get some coffee, we chose going into town rather than our usual cafe only because we wanted to take in some of the harbour views.

We did a few trips around the CBD streets only to find a few bars and a whole lot of pubs open - not a single cafe. As a final resort we went down to Circular Quay and there stood with lights blazing a cafe that was open past 9:00pm.

So, Ms Clover Moore, can we please get Sydney CBD to be a 24 hour city. Pretty please?