Soft touch keyboards

I've realised another reason why I really like using my iBook (other than IJW) is because of its keyboard. The keyboard on both the Toshiba Tecra S1 (work) and also my personal Fujitsu S6010 both suck, it feels very '80s, with the layout of the Toshiba probably one of the worst I've seen (why have the Windows key which usually is used as a shortcut way up on the top right-hand corner?).

At home I also have one of the older Microsoft Ergo keyboards which has treated me well but its definetly showing its age. I wonder if the USB powered Apple keyboards work with Windows? I'd switch.

Update: I purchased the Apple Keyboard this past weekend and all is working beautifully. The Apple key even acts as the windows key thereby giving me quick access to the start menu and also to lock my machine (Apple Key - L). Cool!