More Power, More Noise

Tonight I picked up my new server, it boasts two Xeon 3.06Ghz processors, 2GB GeIL RAM, and an Asus PCH-DL motherboard. All this contained within a Thermaltake 1000 case.

Unfortunately ever since day one (14 weeks ago) I've had nothing but problems. We swapped out the initial Tyan Tiger motherboard due to "physical damage", changed the RAM several times so that both the motherboard and CPUs were happy, and finally changed the power supply.

On several occasions the system would restart when I was importing a CD into iTunes and hitting Windows Update at the same time - yes, you read that correctly - doing each task individually would be OK. Right now the screen saver came on and I can hear the fan (CPU0 fan) revving right up to around 8000RPMs. The fan on CPU1 is at around 5500RPM. Both CPUs are operating around the 40 degree Celsius temperature, much better than ten days ago where CPU0 would hit the 60 degrees Celsius mark!

Ever since the power supply was changed the restarts seem to have ceased (well, at least the odd combination of the above!) and CPU0 isn’t getting as warm as it once did. The last issues left to tackle is to find someway to have the machine operate a bit quieter, and also to diagnose why the screensaver would trigger the CPU fan to rev up.