Airport Express and Linksys Wireless

While sofa hunting today we popped into the Apple section of Domayne where they had a very decent display of all things Apple. I've had the 15" PowerBook on my mind for quite sometime but for now my 12" iBook is sufficient.

One feature my iBook lacks is the Airport Extreme card, something that the later models now boast. I spoke with the sales representative whether mine was compatible and once we confirmed which model I have (its the 800Mhz G4) I was on my way to the cashier.

The install of the card was simple and painless. The only tool that was required was a small flat-head jewellers screwdriver and once you lift the keyboard the card slips straight in, connect the cable and the hardware side of the installation is done.

For those of you trying to connect to a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router you will need to run the latest firmware update for the router. I just updated to 1.5.014 and the connect now was quite seamless.