Omni Outliner

I've always liked outliners due to their simplicity of organising snippets of information but haven't found one that suites my taste on the Windows platform but today one of the display machines at Domayne had Omni Outlliner running.

I know of Omni from their browser but this was the first time I saw their outliner. I entered a few items and immediately felt comfortable to its way of use. I recorded a voice note on my phone (which, btw, is still not recognised by my iBook) to remind me to take a look at this once I got home.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I've downloaded and installed the professional version. The professional edition is a little bit pricey for my budget right now but does bring some nice features to the table - for example, sections and audio recording. All in all, a nice piece of software for those of you who like outliners.