Multiplatform Password manager

For what seems like an eternity I've been loyal to Password Safe, initially created by security guru Bruce Schneier. With my recent increase of activity with my iBook I now require a password manager that will use a single storage file on both my Windows PC's and my Mac.

I came across Web Confidential, a shareware application that has native applications on both Windows and Mac OS. I've played around with the trial version, creating entries on one OS and opening it with another and so far it seems pretty solid.

One feature in Password Safe that I would like to see in this application is the ability to minimise to the task bar (with password prompt on restore and clearing of the clipboard). One feature that I would like to remove is the annoying message box that appears stating that "In this category you can not delete cards, to delete a card, select the category first." while selecting the Show All category.

I do have to say that this is definetly one of the better multiplatform password managers out there, it also uses the Blowfish algorithm designed by Bruce Schneier.