Todays Apple announcements

I've mulled over whether I'm going to post anything regarding todays announcement at Mac World Expo and decided to write a few lines.

As one can see from my previous posts I'm using my Mac more and more these days but the new products revealed today haven't really sparked much of an interest in me. I guess it just comes down to the target audience, which I was not this time round. I'd have to admit though the miniMac would site awfully well next to my TV if it only came with Mac OS X Media Centre Edition ;)

What I am going to do is list the products that were released in my imaginery keynote address this morning; they are :

  1. A G5 PowerBook

  2. An iPod Photo that also plays QuickTime video

  3. Visual Studio.NET for the Mac

  4. ..and of course, Mac OS X Media Centre Edition

I guess one can dream. And drool.