The other side of the coin

Okey, so quite a few of my recent posts were about all the great things that Apple has done, but now its time to see what's on the other side of the coin. Here's my take on a few of the applications that I use frequently:

Safari: Even though I switched to FireFox for a while, I personally found Safari to be much faster. That said, where on earth is the Go button ? For a platform that prides itself with doing things with the mice this IMHO is a substantial oversight.

Finder: Windows File Explorer wins hands down, I've heard of QuickSilver but yet to give it a try.

Mail: I'm trying my best to really get comfortable with this app but there are some real strange bugs lurking around. For example, I have a POP3 account that has some rules to filter out emails that arrived in the inbox into folders, yet if I move the folder to the trash and then rebuilt the trash mailbox (!), which I think is rather odd as well, then the folders would come back with the filtered message within!

iBook: My iBook is one the earlier series G4's but I'm at a loss as to why it wouldn't come with a mic in, the inbuilt microphone picks up too much of the background noise even if I play around with the input volume. Hence I'm about to invest in an iMic to get the job done properly.

iSync: The list of devices that are supported is quite dated, I wish there was a plugin architecture that would be available to developers for them to create sync modules for their own devices.