iDay 2005

I ended up going to the Sydney CBD Apple Centre to check out iDay 2005 and also pick up a couple of things. Firstly, I thought the whole iDay thing was a bit too low key, ok, so they had an iLife '05 feature wall with all the boxes but where were all the iPod Shuffle's? What about a few mac mini's (that were working?). No sigthings of iWork either. I guess I just expected a bit more. Anyway, they seemed quite busy selling iPod mini's so I didn't bother hanging around to ask about upgrading to the new version of iLife.

Once I was home I gave the Burwood store a call to see how much I need to pay to upgrade to iLife '05. I had previously purchased iLife '04 as a boxed product, a bit after its launch last year. They told me that if I purchased iLife '04 post January 11th 2005 only then would I be eligible for the $30 upgrade price, otherwise I would need to fork out the $119 required for the full packaged product. It seems odd that Apple would have upgrade prices for their other software products but not for iLife.