Apple Mac OS X Update

Apple today posted the 10.3.8 update for Mac OS X as many Mac users would have noted. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an iSync update bundled within, but I did have a glimmer of hope for my sync issues when I read on one of the weblogs that there was going to be more Bluetooth enabled phones supported. Unfortunately, yet again, my Nokia 6670 didn't make it to the cut. Apple's supported iSync devices page doesn't seem to have been updated, so I'm not quite so sure whether or not more devices were supported with this release.

If you wander on over to the iSync discussion forums people are venting their frustrations on why even supposedly supported devices are having problems with iSync. Unfortunately (and that's the third time I'm using this word!) Apple is just too silent on this issue. I honestly believe that Apple has a loyal following and people will tend to buy phones that suite their machines rather than the other way around, but if only they were to make an announcement on what they have planned I believe it will go a long way.

On the positive side, my previous entry regarding the sudden slowness of Mail opening is now resolved. Phew.