First up, I'd like to congratulate Brad Wilson on his new gig with Microsoft, sounds like fun!

Secondly, with the intent to now make DVDs and dabble with some audio/video I called Apple Support to see if I can upgrade my combo drive on my aging G4 iBook to a superdrive. No such luck, but this isn't all that bad as it's more of a catalyst to make my move to a Powerbook :)

Thirdly, my friend Ugur Akinci who runs the great weblog, Turkish Torque, is out to find the earliest blogger of Turkish origins. So far it's me, but I'm sure there were many before I. So 'fess up!

Finally, if you're in Sydney and have thing for French culture and what not the French Film Festival is in its final days. We're off to see Audrey Tautou in Not on the Lips tonight, and tomorrow we may go see "... and they lived happily ever after". I think both titles could have done with some work.