PSP Update 2.0

Whilst on holidays earlier this year we stopped over for a few days in Tokyo where after a frantic search I was lucky to pick up the Sony PSP. There was a great deal of confusion whether or not the unit displays English as well Japanese - I felt lucky, even though it could have been mistaken for excitement on holding a PSP, but decided to take a punt.

I only picked up the one decent game that I came across, Ridge Racer, which has had much use to date but with so much functionality (Music, Videos) I wanted to do more. Yesterday I read that the 2.0 firmware update includes a web browser - cool! That's exactly what I want, if only the unit was smaller, came with a few gigabytes of disc I wouldn't think twice about swapping it for my iPod.

Onto the update!

After several attempts to do a "Network Update" I finally relied upon the Google translation to follow the instructions to download the firmware and install across the USB cable.

With no English instructions yet, you can follow these simple instructions to get the update.

  1. Ensure that the PSP is charged, connect to the AC power source, and you have a memory stick with at least 17MB free
  2. Connect the PSP to your Mac (PC), and enable the USB Connection from the unit
  3. Once the drive comes up, create an UPDATE folder in the GAMES sub-directory
  4. Download and copy the EBOOT.pbp into the UPDATE folder
  5. On the PSP, go to the games icon and select Memory Stick
  6. Here now you should see the PSP Update ver 2.00 glowing at you
  7. Obviously, click and follow the onscreen instructions to install. Installation takes around a minute or so.
  8. Enjoy the browser!

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