Web Essentials 2005 Day 0

Well, officially, this is just a workshop, presented by Jeffrey Veen, preluding to the actual "festival" which starts tomorrow. The main takeaways from today's seminar is that the usage of Ajax has brought upon us many unanswered questions.

The Back-button syndrome is once again with us. The intention of hitting the back button on your browser is to return you to the previous state that you were in, obviously this doesn't hold true, what happens as we all know is that it takes us back to the last URL.

A second issue is that although for web applications you may not want to share a URL, a content heavy site (e.g. a weblog) which may possibly use Ajax to update the main copy on the site will obviously fail to bookmark.

Looking forward to day 1 of WE05 tommorrow, in the meantime check out the WE05 tagged flickr photo set and other Technorati posts.

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