Web Essentials 2005 Day 2

Wow, what a jam packed day it was! First off the starting block was "Breakfast with Tantek", an informal gathering where Tantek gave us a brief history about his time at Apple, Microsoft, and his own startup (whose name I forgot). Also picked up a Technorati sticker that was being handed out, whilst I've always been the no-sticker-laptop type I may just break that habit :-)

Eric Meyer showed us wireframing using CSS. A concept where you have your "structure" of your page setup using minimal HTML and CSS and whereby you then, in a sort of XP way, sit down with the client and start moving things around. For the most part this will be quite feasible, but for more complex changes (which at this stage of any project you hope would be minimal) you might want to take it offline.

He demonstrated this practice with the now defunct Netscape DevEdge, which at the time, was a great resource for JavaScript.

Derek Featherstone, wowed the audience with his accessible I-can't-believe-its-css crossword puzzle (no link as yet). This is a truly amazing use of CSS positioning whilst also retaining accessibility.

Ajax was spelt out by Tim Lucas who took us through what Ajax really is (for developer folks). Be smart about using Ajax, if on every keypress you hit the database you'll get firsthand knowledge of what "performance degradation" really means.

James Robertson talked about how to choose a CMS with a requirements document of no more than 20 pages, whatever size your company is. This was pretty cool stuff as at work we're using one of the larger CMS systems around which has its own API.

Cameron Adams showed that JavaScript is what's really cool. He had this little animation of a boxing match with Eric Meyer and Doug Bowman (who, unfortunately, I didn't get to meet) with some hilarious

Tantek was back again, this time presenting Microformats. And in the nature of it all, I've added a hCard version of my contact details to the sidebar.

If you weren't able to make it to this years event they've published podcasts!

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