Measure Map

Today I received my invite (hey, its Web 2.0 okay!?) for my request to preview Measure Map, a statistics package purely for weblogs. Setup was pretty simple, all that is required is the addition of the supplied JavaScript to your main index and another to your individual entry archive (for MT based weblogs) and your all set to go.

Contrasting this package to Google Analytics to which I recently signed up for as well I can immediately see that for me MM is going to provide much more meaningful information, well at least it is presented in a much more meaningful way. Also, I had to wait several days before Google looked at my site (yes I know they're in beta - hey Measure Map is in alpha! - and I know that Google probably has more signups but in the end the statistic gathering method is the same, being embedded JavaScript), it was mere seconds before Measure Map had data available for my site.

The four boxes you see below updates you immediately on the number of visits, links, comments, and posts (from your archives). Clicking through on either of them drills down and presents you with a timeline navigator whereby you can view stats for other period ranges.

Measure Map Screenshot

First impressions count and Measure Map has left a good one on me, over the next week or so when it has gathered some more stats from my weblog I'll have some more meaningful information to work with and I'll also further analyse Google Analytics.

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