Hitting the hills

Well the title of this post is a little misleading as my cycling circuit only has the one hill, but I hit it a few times so I guess there is some truth to it. Unknown to all I've started cycling again, I'm trying to get out at least twice during the week and have a more difficult ride for the weekend.

The weekend ride went pretty well, I powered up (excuse the pun) with a Powerbar Powergel - chocolate of course - that got me all hyped up and the first lap I was full of confidence and energy. I held a fairly good tempo on the straights and the false-flats and climbed the hill for the most part sitting down, only to get up to get over the apex. The heart wasn't pumping terribly much so the vital signs were good!

The subsequent laps were a complete different story, the false-flats seemed like hills and the main hill felt like I was in the Pyrenees! I only had a 600ml bottle with me and that was half-finished, knowing that I'd need another energy drink at the end of the ride I decided to be more conservative on my intake - in hindsight I really should have been more prepared for the ride.

Then noises in the bottom-bracket and the rear wheel appeared, at the end of the ride I had a quick look to see if there was anything visibly wrong but only found a couple of loose spokes which would explain the noise from the rear wheel.

And I'll end this post with a tip: keep your mouth closed on the descent, even if you're really gasping for air, or else you may end up spoiling your dinner!

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