Cut the coffee

It's almost 1am and after having two coffees at around 8pm this evening I don't have a wink of sleep. I really need to cut the late evening coffee out of my life as it's no fun lying in bed eyes wide open!

So again it's been a short while since I've posted here, in stark contrast with what's been happening. My first Ruby on Rails application is coming along quite fine, it's such a neat framework to work with it really does make programming enjoyable yet again. I've also been tinkering around with Lighttpd (or lighty as the cool folk call it!), and thanks to the help with the guys at TextDrive I've setup Apache to proxy requests through to lighttpd. Tres geeky, tres cool.

Last weekend we headed out to the Dunc Gray velodrome to watch the final leg of the UCI Track World Cup. It was a wonderful weekend, the racing was spectacular. I ended up taking several hundred photos which I've yet to upload, but in conjunction with reading some tips on the flickr D70s group and plenty of practice I believe that my sports photography is improving (to be honest there wasn't much room to get any worse!).

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