Dell 2405FP Monitor

About a week or so ago Dell tempted me with a further price reduction on their 24" monitor and who am I to not take advantage of a good deal.

Screen real estate is one of those things you just can't have enough of, although I was content with my ViewSonic 17" the extra space that a 1920 x 1200 resolution brings to the table really makes whichever application you use much more pleasurable.

I've found The Dell to work fairly well, it had a few issues with my nvidia card (soon to be replaced with an ATI) everything seems quite normal. Typically default settings work well for me and this case is no exception, although I probably should get it calibrated with the Adobe Gamma utility to make sure that what I see is what I get.

On the subject of monitors, I've tried the whole multi-monitor setup thing, debugger/Outlook in one window, editing in the other, but I've never really gotten use to it so I think I'll always be a Single Monitor Guy.