I'm a deleter

Like (or unlike!) most people, I've brought over my traditional email client habits over to GMail. For example, Google says "never delete email's again!", but you see I do delete emails. I'm a deleter. If I don't believe it's worthwhile to keep them around or maybe I just don't want them to fall into the depths of the Google indexer, I won't keep it. It's not just about disk space.

So today I saw that GMail has given us deleters a little UI goodness. They've moved the Move to Trash (or was it Move to Deleted items?) option from the select box and made it a button on it's own. It's a simple mod, but one that makes me like GMail more and more.

Oh, and just in case if you're wondering, my Outlook client at work has only a handful of emails in the inbox (and a zero unread count as well thank you!). I also don't have a gazillion sub folders either, I'm far to lazy to setup filters!

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