Black Dawn

I've been a fan of Seagal's movies for quite sometime now, I've remained loyal even when critics trashed his films. But after watching his latest film, Black Dawn, I believe it has a strong chance for picking up a Razzie.

The storyline was lacking (evil terrorist seeks bomb to cause mass destruction), the rendering of the ocean in the final scenes amateurish to say the least. Oh, and the faux helicopter ride? I mean really, a little more realism please.

The fact that he's not as mobile as once was has allowed stunts people sporting bad wigs to take his place (honest, I really think the guy was wearing a wig!). Oh and if you're in it for the hapkido well he twisted a guys arm fairly well, so that's one thing.

This may sound like a rant but really is meant to serve as a heads up to anyone contemplating watching this movie - move right along, nothing to see here.

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