Mac Book Pro

Well it finally arrived! I placed my order a little over a week ago and whilst reading that many others had already placed their order way after mine and had already received it I thought that mine must have been lost in transit.

Apple themselves were equally confused as to why my package was delivered with a different courier than what they usually use, but hey who cares now :)

Onto my initial thoughts. I hadn't set too much expectation on performance, especially for CS2, but it goes without saying that applications built as a Universal Binary absolutly fly! Photoshop starts off a little slow but is OK to use thereon. I'm a little disappointed that we have to wait almost a full year before we see a Universal Binary edition though.

The only way to get my Dell run 1920x1200 is by using he MBP in lid-closed mode. I'm not so keen on using it for extended periods of time in this way as the heat may affect the display (although this is purely speculation).

It was good too see that most apps I run had Universal Binary versions already available, and that others were due to release them "soon".

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