Slight redesign

Whilst I've been mulling over a complete site overhaul for my weblog for quite sometime I've come to realise that it's too big a task to tackle in a single hit. So, instead of one large change I'll be gradually updating the design of this site, piece by piece.

The most visible change is that the Tokyo Disneyland photo has been replaced with something a little more dynamic. Now in it's place is a small PHP script that brings back a random photo from my flickr stream, more details on the script in another post.

The menu headings have also been left aligned (previously they were centered) and have had their decorative double-semi-colon's removed from either side. The letter spacing has also been increased for it to look more relaxed. Semantically speaking, the headings are now 2nd-level headers instead of 1st-level.

I've also had to widen the size of the container box so that the Flickr image has some more breathing space, as a result you'll most likely get a horizontal scroll-bar if viewed at 800x600. When I get to the layout changes of the redesign process I'll try to bring it back so devices with smaller screens aren't disadvantaged.

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