Back to some normality

Wow, so where has the last month gone? Let me do the honour of answering this rhetorical question. Well, the last twenty-odd days were taken up with the Tour de France, purely as a TV spectator mind you :) Firstly the scandal that really shook up the cycling world, but sadly, not completely unexpected. But that sour news made way to one awesome race, Landis was awesome, whilst still making us see that is human. And, of course, congrats to Rogers and Evans for their top 10 placing - Cadel will win le Tour one day if he avoids serious injury. Mark my words ;)

Further time away from the weblog is attributed to me finally getting on board with the rest of the world in World of Warcraft, wow, what a phenomenal game!

Well, now that the Tour is over and I'm only spending some short amounts of time in WoW I should be posting more often.