Google groks Music

After watching the latest video clip of Serdar Ortaç (wherelese but at YouTube), and actually liking his album I headed out to the local bakkal to pick up his CD, Mesafe. Naturally at this day and age, the CD gets imported into iTunes and then thrown onto the shelf to collect dust along with the other CDs.

So after submitting the track names to CDDB I start to hunt for the album cover (I don't own a scanner), Google being the first stop. At the top of the results page it gives me an interesting result:

Serdar Ortac - Google result

Cool, so Google groks music! Clicking through it lists his albums (but not his latest!), then onto the tracks which include such metadata as duration, authors, etc (this is screaming out for a microformat!). Unfortunately it stops short of providing lyrics other than providing a link to search for them.

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