Blackberry issues

Whilst the BlackBerry does email and does it well there are some niggling issues that I have to rant on about, hopefully these have been or will be fixed in upcoming models.

First up is the backlight. Even though my model (the 7290) has two levels of brightness which is a big plus, one can only activate the backlight by manually pressing the light button, which oddly enough doubles as the on-off switch. Needless to say one is always mis-hitting the key as its location on the keypad makes my thumb do some awkward turning!

Next up is actually the email client itself. Somehow a global inbox seems to be their idea of organisation, even though deep inside there really is a browsable folder system. Any time I send an email it places the sent item right there in my inbox, I'm not sure I understand the reasoning for this as all it does is busy up the inbox. It should be placed in the sent items folder, like almost every other email client.

Thirdly and finally (for now!) is that if I receive an SMS from a contact I can't reply back via email, and vice versa. It knows that my contact has both details, yet this seems to have been a simple feature that's been overlooked.

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