MacBook Pro Issues

Excuse this interruption to the silence whilst I add my voice to those who have had MacBook Pro issues. This weekend I spent far too much time in World of Warcraft, plenty thanks to my guide Inos for showing me the ropes and helping me to level twice this weekend (currently on Level 15). On a Mac related note the fans seem to spin at top revolutions whilst in play, not completely surprised by this as they do tend to slow down a while after I exit the game.

Albeit this weekend the fan in the top-left side of the keyboard is giving this rattling/awkward noise. I've ran the Apple Hardware Test and it reports back no issues so I'm not too sure what's going on. I guess it's back to the AppleCenter for another look. Earlier this year the logic board was changed due to a faulty video issue earlier this year, noticed only whilst I was in WoW, hopefully this isn't a trend as I'm getting hookend enough onto Warcraft.

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