MacBook Pro Fan Noise, again

So the first techie post of the new year involves my beloved MBP whinging, whining, and rattling on. The issues is well documented on the web so I'm far from alone on this issues, thank goodness though there's no sign of random shutdowns, that would be totally disruptive!

A few years ago when I was deep into Microsoft and consequently the x86 platform, Apple was known to be of a solid build, and the stuff "just worked". Nowadays the playing field is more level, the Macs have just as prominent issues as the x86 clan, rather than the x86 based machines increasing their standard to match Apple it seems (to me) that Apple has let its own standards slip.

With the warranty period of my MBP coming to an end I'm considering AppleCare to provide an additional two years, which is probably how long I intend on using this notebook, of "peace of mind". Whilst I've read differing views of AppleCare and whether or not it's worth the additional AUD$579 - it's probably something I will end up using given the current state of affairs.

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