Animatrix, the animation film that's part of the Matrix trilogy, was out way back in 2003. It's the type of movie that I'd jump at to see, but for some strange reason I've not had the opportunity to either purchase or see it.

The other day I was at Harvey Norman (a large electronics/whitegoods/computers retailer here in Australia), and they had it playing on one of the LCD monitors on display. Well that was enough to re-spark my interest and for the last few days I've been on the hunt! I've tried several DVD stores, all claim to be able to order it in, but none have any stock. Apparently, it's been in such demand that their Christmas stock has all but run out. There's a few online DVD stores which I guess I'll have to turn to (I'm impatient, yesterday isn't good enough) - but I think it's pretty amazing that it's still selling like hotcakes!

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