MacWorld 2007 - Developer Perspective

So the Stevenote has come and gone, no doubt you would have come across it as even mainstream media had some half-decent coverage. And of course, there was the aftermath, whereby Cisco is suing Apple Inc. for infringements on their trademark, iPhone. Plenty of headline news.

As a developer I found it all a little dissappointing. There was no word of Leopard, the next version of Mac OS X. When released, the iPhone will be one of the coolest phone/pda's on the market, yet from my perspective I won't be able to develop any applications for it, even though it runs Mac OS X.

Apple also, albeit silently, released a new Airport base station which unfortunately doesn't include a gigabit network, but thankfully does include a USB port which allows me to share an external hard drive or a printer.

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