Bookmarker Pens

Pens. Pads. Notebooks. Diaries. I never seem to have enough of these items, a trip down to the newsagency or to the local Office Works store is an exercise in self restraint, sometimes I fail dismally. Just the other week I headed out to Borders where I picked up a set of squared journals, lovely little notebooks where I can scribble some layout designs (not that I'm really a designer, but anyway).

Of course, heaven forbid I enter the stationary store, namely Dymocks Stationary. Oh no. I can't just glance inside, I mean I need a spare ink refill for some of my pens, right? Yeah, of course I do!

Bookmarker Pens

So a while ago I came across these "bookmarker" pens, basically they're flat enough to be able to use them as a bookmark in your notebook, hence the name. They're cheap and plastic, but come in a whole assortment of colours (ink wise they're all black). Initially I came across these on a weblog, but never bookmarked (excuse the pun) the site. So I spent sometime trying to track down where these are sold and finally found them at These pens also go by the alias of Grippa Slip pens.

Well, now that I found a supplier in the US, it was time to track one down here Australia.

Unfortunately after all my googling and yahooing I came up trumps, so I asked the US supplier if they where willing to ship to Australia. Now whilst they accepted, the "target audience" of these pens are for marketing purposes whereby you get your company name stamped etc. That also means you typically buy this at a much larger quantity. After several emails back and forth online payment was organised for a set of ten, and in about two weeks my pens had arrived. So this "fix" should keep me going for a short while.

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