KILIÇ.NET and Star Trek

I've never really been into Star Trek, there were probably only a handful of episodes that I've watched over the years, typically the ones that featured Jean-Luc Picard. - Star TrekHowever, for the last several weeks, maybe even months, the homepage has been featuring the new iMac with a desktop photo of a scene from the new Star Trek movie. Every time I see this, I want to go out and watch the movie. Of course, on a Mac as well.

Yesterday I finally succumbed to the marketing and hired the blu-ray version from my local Blockbuster. I have to say I did have my doubts about whether or not I'll actually watch it till the end, however, I ended up finding it to be quite engaging and thought the performance of "Sylar" as Spock was what really made the movie.

I haven't read any reviews so not sure on what the general consensus or what the "trekkies" thought of the movie but it's definitely one that I'll look forward to owning.