Moving to the Nexus One

A few weeks ago I made the decision to abandon my iPhone 3G and in lieu of upgrading to the latest version of the Apple device, I jumped ship onto the Google Nexus One. No, the whole Antennagate fiasco wasn't the primary reason, I was more so in need of a change.

The device itself is great, it's fast, looks and feels great, and has good battery performance. However, as with most other smartphones, I have it charging throughout the day and also have a charger in the car. I have found that with casual use the battery should last the day, YMMV.

Not long after I switched the device on and connected to my wireless network I was able to upgrade to Froyo, the single fantastic feature that this version provides is the ability to act as a WiFi hotspot. Goodbye tethering. Goodbye USB dongle.

App wise, things have been okay. I've found suitable replacements for most of my day-to-day apps. However, I would love to see and 1Password make their way over to the Android platform as well.

It took a good two years for my iPhone 3G to be relegated, let's see how long the Nexus One takes.