Rebooting the Blog: Introduction

Rebooting the blog is going to be a series of articles that I'll be putting together chronicling the design and development of this blog. I've never done a "series" set of related blog posts before so I thought it would be a refreshing change of format.

This post will serve as an introduction to the project. I'm expecting only several blog posts that will outline the why's and the how's of rebuilding this weblog. For those of you reading this on my site you'll see that the site itself is void of any design aesthetics. I cleared the slate, so to speak, several weeks ago as I found that the design of the site restricted me in my posts. I'm hoping that if I can pull it off the new look and format of the site will lend itself to becoming more accessible along with fresher content pulled in from elsewhere from the web.

The plan forward for this site is to introduce several new features (self hosted url shortener for example) and to basically build the site as a platform that will hopefully serve the content in differing flavours (rss, json, atom, atc.).