X1 Carbon Review - Take 2

It's been a little over a month since I've had my X1 Carbon so I thought I'd give it another short review now that I've had some time to play with it.

The performance of this machine is outstanding, I'm currently running VM Ware Workstation v9 and it runs the VMs seamlessly. The fan does seem to kick in a little early but both guest and host run well together.

The screen-door issue either seems to be subsiding or my eyes seem to be accustomed to it as it appears (excuse the pun) to be less of an issue.

One new issue that's arisen is that if you put the system to sleep/hibernate and then attach the AC power the unit shuts down. It won't restart until you insert a paperclip into the pin hole button on the battery unit to get it going again. This a bit of a pain that I hope will be fixed with a BIOS upgrade.