Moving to Azure

Whilst I'm on my semester break from University it's given me time to focus on some housekeeping, the digital kind.

I've been hosting this blog along with several other sites on Media Temple for the last six or so years. However, when it was announced that they had been acquired by GoDaddy I decided it was time to move on.

A while ago I already moved my domains from GoDaddy to Hover - and whilst more expensive - I have not had any issues with them (both technically and ethically).

Moving websites and blogs is a bit more intricate. I did want to play around with some cloud based providers so I opted for Windows Azure (as much as I like Apple products I do mainly code and live on Windows devices).

Hosting websites on Azure is a great experience, I'm using the shared instance as it gives you the ability to point your own domain amongst other feature. Most of my source code is hosted in private repos over at BitBucket and with Azure allowing deployment from source control it really is a no brainer.