Valley of the Wolves: Iraq

This film is also known as "Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak" in Turkish. It really seems to be the season of socio-political movies (V for Vandetta, Syriana, etc.) being just a few.

This movie is an adaptation of the series that's been playing in Turkey for the last couple of years. Although I believe that the series is more focused on Turkey and the issues within, the movie extends this to post-war Iraq and America's involvement.

As with V for Vandetta there were some references to current day events. Abu Ghraib is featured as is the "dog handler" and the "human pyramid". The scenes were graphical, and disturbing to say the least, but they also serve as a reminder of what has happened.

All in all the movie was worth watching, though the voice-overs could have done with some finer synchronisation.