Web Directions '06

Last year I wrote about the Web Essentials 2005 conference (here, here, and here) and what a blast it was. A few weeks ago on a mailing list I'm on, it was announced that there would be no 2006 conference and not for us to question as to why. Like myself I'm sure that plenty of others were saddened that it wasn't going to go ahead this year as it was such a great conference, and really, we don't have that many conferences down here so it would have been sorely missed.

Today, on the same list, it was announced that a couple of the people who put together the previous Web Essentials conference have teamed up to bring a new conference, Web Directions. I've already asked for my name to be put on a pre-registration list because if it's anything close to last year I really wouldn't want to miss out.

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